Conn!e’s Classes . March 2014


March 5 Paint brush assemblages
March 5 – Paint Brush Assemblages –
“Assemblages” is currently all the rage! Not only are they fun, but they bring a sMilE to your face!! You’ll come up with your own creation using spice tins, nails, screws, measuring spoon, etc. and etc. You’ll go home with two upcycled projects. $20.

March 26 14 Spice Tin Assemblage
March 12 – Spice Tin Silliness –
Susan and I certainly were inspired and awed by the plethora of spice tin “sillies” in Creede. To top it off, they were asking $59.95 each!!! We have gathered up lots of “stuff” to make this project, and each will be unique and GREAT! $20.

March 19 14 Ckn  Wire Memo Board
March 19 – Chicken Wire Memo Board –
By request, we’ll make a 9 x 14″ memo/display board. You’ll have a frame to paint before backing it with chicken wire. To top it off, we’ll jazz up some clips to hold photos, notes, coupons, etc. $20.

March 26 14 Altered Cigar Box
March 26 – Altered Cigar Box –
Tissue paper sewing patterns, a dress template, and a bunch of buttons will be the features on this upcycled cigar box. It will make a great gift for yourself or another! Truly vintage look. $20.


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