Conn!e’s Crafts . May-July 2014


May – July 2 – Classes dismissed

July 9 14 Mammaw's Tea Time Shad. Box

July 9 – Tea Time Shadow Box –

Truly a memory box honoring a special person. For it I have saved many of my winter-used tea bags

and they are ready to be combined with a wallet size photo, round doily,

and miniature tea cup/saucer from Memory Lane. $20.

July 16 14 Gracie's Pix Wheel

July 16 – Gracie’s Picture Wheel –

Again our Sizzix Picture Wheel die cut will be called into service for this cute project. You’ll need

to bring several photos the can be cropped to the tiny index print size.  The

finished project can be a card, book cover, or framed for ‘public viewing.’ $20

July  23 14 Captured in Time

July 23 – Captured in Time –

It’s all in the details! This shadow box is a fun project to use goodies you have

been saving up. Notice my details then challenge yourself to do even better! $20.

July 30 14 Uncle Melvin & Rabbit Collage

July 30 – Coordinated Paper Collage –

Tags, buttons, embroidery, upholstery tacks, a photo of your choice, etc.

are melded to project yet another memory piece. $20.


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