Conn!e’s Crafts . August 2014


Class Aug 1 14 Gracie's Pix Wheel

August 1 – Tim Holtz’ Picture Wheel

A crafty, catchy way to send a greeting, collage thumb nail

photos, as a book cover, etc. This is a fun die cut and fairly new to our collection. $20.

Class Aug 6 14 Letter Box

August 8 – Letter Box (“Keep It” Box)

Susan suggested this project, and we’re lapping it up!

Using a very popular paper (see above) or your choice, we’ll decoupage a cigar box,

add real pleated ribbon, antique brass feet, etc. will result in a special box. $20.

Class Aug 13 14 Rustys kit Our Stars

August 13 – “Star of My Life” Rusty Pickle Kit

Another kit … we love ’em! I will supplement his papers

and alter his instructions to make it even easier to complete the 2-part accordion album.

Have you own title in mind. $20.

Guest this week: Alisha Gabriel, our daughter-in-law from TX

Class Aug 20 14 Hausers Yellowstone Box

August 20 – Travel (or whatever) Shadow Box

Have in mind a theme/title, then you’ll select your box before using

your photo and embellishing to make it all just right. (For example, my embellishments, as

such, are rocks, a chunk of bark, embroidery thread, etc.) $20.

Class Aug 27 14 Unc Melvin & Rabbit

August 27 – The Hunter & His Rabbit” Collage

(I’m the little girl on the right … with my siblings.)

Showcase a favorite photo, and I’ll have everything else!

It’s fun to highlight a memory in this way. $20.

N O T E :

. All classes are held on Wednesdays @ 1:30-4:30ish unless otherwise noted.

. Kits can be available IF you let me know at least a week prior to class.

. Classes held @ 592 Deer Trail, Pagosa.


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