Conn!e’s Crafts . August 2014


Class Aug 1 14 Gracie's Pix Wheel

August 1 – Tim Holtz’ Picture Wheel

A crafty, catchy way to send a greeting, collage thumb nail

photos, as a book cover, etc. This is a fun die cut and fairly new to our collection. $20.

Class Aug 6 14 Letter Box

August 8 – Letter Box (“Keep It” Box)

Susan suggested this project, and we’re lapping it up!

Using a very popular paper (see above) or your choice, we’ll decoupage a cigar box,

add real pleated ribbon, antique brass feet, etc. will result in a special box. $20.

Class Aug 13 14 Rustys kit Our Stars

August 13 – “Star of My Life” Rusty Pickle Kit

Another kit … we love ’em! I will supplement his papers

and alter his instructions to make it even easier to complete the 2-part accordion album.

Have you own title in mind. $20.

Guest this week: Alisha Gabriel, our daughter-in-law from TX

Class Aug 20 14 Hausers Yellowstone Box

August 20 – Travel (or whatever) Shadow Box

Have in mind a theme/title, then you’ll select your box before using

your photo and embellishing to make it all just right. (For example, my embellishments, as

such, are rocks, a chunk of bark, embroidery thread, etc.) $20.

Class Aug 27 14 Unc Melvin & Rabbit

August 27 – The Hunter & His Rabbit” Collage

(I’m the little girl on the right … with my siblings.)

Showcase a favorite photo, and I’ll have everything else!

It’s fun to highlight a memory in this way. $20.

N O T E :

. All classes are held on Wednesdays @ 1:30-4:30ish unless otherwise noted.

. Kits can be available IF you let me know at least a week prior to class.

. Classes held @ 592 Deer Trail, Pagosa.


Conn!e’s Crafts . May-July 2014


May – July 2 – Classes dismissed

July 9 14 Mammaw's Tea Time Shad. Box

July 9 – Tea Time Shadow Box –

Truly a memory box honoring a special person. For it I have saved many of my winter-used tea bags

and they are ready to be combined with a wallet size photo, round doily,

and miniature tea cup/saucer from Memory Lane. $20.

July 16 14 Gracie's Pix Wheel

July 16 – Gracie’s Picture Wheel –

Again our Sizzix Picture Wheel die cut will be called into service for this cute project. You’ll need

to bring several photos the can be cropped to the tiny index print size.  The

finished project can be a card, book cover, or framed for ‘public viewing.’ $20

July  23 14 Captured in Time

July 23 – Captured in Time –

It’s all in the details! This shadow box is a fun project to use goodies you have

been saving up. Notice my details then challenge yourself to do even better! $20.

July 30 14 Uncle Melvin & Rabbit Collage

July 30 – Coordinated Paper Collage –

Tags, buttons, embroidery, upholstery tacks, a photo of your choice, etc.

are melded to project yet another memory piece. $20.

Conn!e’s Crafts . April 2014


April 2 and 9 – Classes dismissed.

Class Ap 16 2014 Butterfly Block
April 16 – Butterfly Block – A gentle, subtle project that will enhance a shelf, wall, etc. $15.
Class Ap 23 14 Posting Board
April 23 – Color Block Posting Board – This 4″ x 15″ color block on wood is a clever, space-saving way to display photos, notes, etc. Learn a magic way to dye wood before embellishing several dyed clothespins to coordinate with project. $20.

Class Ap 30 14 Triptych Song of Art
April 30 – Triptych: “Sing the Song in Your Art” – The epitome of spring is portrayed in this 3 part, hinged display. It’ll make you smile! $20.

~ All classes are held on Wednesdays @ 1:30-4:30ish unless otherwise noted.
~ Kits are available. Let me know at least a week ahead of class.
~ Location: 592 Deer Trail, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Conn!e’s Classes . March 2014


March 5 Paint brush assemblages
March 5 – Paint Brush Assemblages –
“Assemblages” is currently all the rage! Not only are they fun, but they bring a sMilE to your face!! You’ll come up with your own creation using spice tins, nails, screws, measuring spoon, etc. and etc. You’ll go home with two upcycled projects. $20.

March 26 14 Spice Tin Assemblage
March 12 – Spice Tin Silliness –
Susan and I certainly were inspired and awed by the plethora of spice tin “sillies” in Creede. To top it off, they were asking $59.95 each!!! We have gathered up lots of “stuff” to make this project, and each will be unique and GREAT! $20.

March 19 14 Ckn  Wire Memo Board
March 19 – Chicken Wire Memo Board –
By request, we’ll make a 9 x 14″ memo/display board. You’ll have a frame to paint before backing it with chicken wire. To top it off, we’ll jazz up some clips to hold photos, notes, coupons, etc. $20.

March 26 14 Altered Cigar Box
March 26 – Altered Cigar Box –
Tissue paper sewing patterns, a dress template, and a bunch of buttons will be the features on this upcycled cigar box. It will make a great gift for yourself or another! Truly vintage look. $20.

Conn!e’s Crafts . February 2014


– Kits available. Order at least a week prior to class.
– Classes held on Wednesdays @ 1:30 – 4:00ish unless otherwise noted
– Location: 592 Deer Trail, Pagosa

2 5 14 Flip Album
February 5 – “Flip Album” w/ The Paper Studio’s “Bella Bohemia” collection – An updated version of a project done early last year, this 6 x 6 x 3/4″ album packs a punch since numerous photos/journaling can be placed in this small project. $20.

2 12 12 The Key collage
February 12 – “The Key” Collage – Inspired by a gift enclosure from Susan, this colorful project can be a constant reminder of our goals. Prior to class, let me know your most meaningful/favorite 3 words. $20.

2 19 14 Family Tree (2)
February 19 – “Family Tree” Assemblage – Tee-totally unique, and I love it! Bring two photos which we will cropped into 4-5″ silhouettes. You’ll add a die cut house and real twigs along with journal tags. Sounds weird but take a good look at the above photo! $20.

2 26 14 Kays dress
February 26 – “Kay’s Dress” Collage – A requested project that I did back in 2006, this honors someone special. Bring a photo that can be cropped to 2 x 2″. We’ll dress her up from there! $20.

Conn!e’s Crafts . January 2014


Class project 12 30 13 Album

December 30, 2013 – “Year in Review” 2013 Album

Using an enlarged slide mount format, we will put together a 2013 review album. Bring a photo (3×5 or 4×6) for each month of the past year. Of course you can use this album for ANY theme. $20.

Class project 1 8 14 Games Played

January 8, 2014 – “Games We Played” Shadow Box

With a wooden cigar box as the substrate, we’ll add vintage game pieces, photo, etc. This is truly a project that will take us all down memory lane! Bring any game pieces or ephemera that will add to this project. $20.

Class Project 1 15 14 Your Dreams collage

January 15, 2014 – “Your Dreams” Collage

This collage portrays my (yours, too?) motto for 2014. Perfect papers, a die cut dragonfly, banner, market twine, etc. will make this project a fun one! $20.

 Class Project 1 22 14 Faux Book Binder

January 22, 2014 – Faux Book Binder Collage

After making a faux book binder with foam board, we will alter it with various and great papers, photos, etc. Totally unusual and fun! $20.

Class Project 1 29 14 Flip 3D Album

January 29, 2014 – Accordion Flip 3D Album

Presented at CHA, all cutting will be done with a Sizzix die and Cuttlebug. Easy! The result can be used as a card or accordion album. This week we will focus on a Valentine’s theme. After noticing the above example, bring the pix/s that you will need/want. $20.

Conn!e’s Crafts . December 2013


Dec. 4 13 Snow Angels

December 4, 2013 – Snow Angels

While college-friend Linda was here from Texas, she designed this project for us: 3 modernistic, graduated sizes of angels. Painted cream and embellished with lace, snowflake wings and pearls. Beautiful for giving or displaying! $20.

Dec. 11 13 Xmas Blessing collage

December 11, 2013 – “Christmas Blessing” Collage

Cream, brown and dark red are combined for this handsome collage. We’ll also make an easel in case you decide not to hang it. $25.

Dec 18 13 4x4 Frosty

December 18, 2013 – Sturdy Frosty

Obviously I think that 4×4 wood projects are just the thing! This month you can go home with a Frosty that can be left out until Valentine’s Day. $20.

Classes are Wednesdays @ 1:30 unless otherwise noted. for more info

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU for your 2013 support. It IS appreciated!